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Sunday, September 19, 2010


The third book in the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld will be called Goliath.

The Guardian of Ga'Hoole movie will come out on September 24th. The trailer is shown below.

Upcoming Releases

Belle of the Brawl, the third book in the Alphas series, will come out on October 5th.

Behemoth, the second book in the Leviathan series, will come out on October 5th.

The Lost Hero, the first book in the Hero's of Olympus series, comes out on October 12th.

Claire Recommends

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Choose your weapon: Beastie or Clanker.

"Alek is a prince without a throne. On the run from his own people, he has only a fighting machine and a small band of men.

Deryn is a girl disguised as a guy in the British Air Service. She must fight for her cause-and protect her secret-at all costs.

Alek and Deryn are thrown together aboard the mighty airship Leviathan. Though fighting side by side, their worlds are far apart. British fabricated beasts versus German steam-powered war machines. They are enemies with everything to lose, yet somehow determined to be together."

-Back Cover

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