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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The third Leviathan book, Goliath, will come out on October 4th.

The cover, before the style change, for Behemoth is shown below. This is the second book in the Leviathan series. Note: This cover will not be released.

The cover for Richell Mead's Vampire Academy spin off series, Bloodlines is shown below. The book will come out on August 23rd.

The cover for the third Everlost book, Everfound, is shown below. The book will come out on May 3rd.
Upcoming Releases

The fifth, and last, Wicked Lovely book, Darkest Mercy, will come out on February 22nd.

The fourth Evernight book, Afterlife, will come out on March 8th.

Claire Recommends

Magyk by Angie Sage

"The Magyk begins here.

Septimus Heap, the seventh son of the seventh son, disappears the night he is born, pronounced dead by the midwife. The same night, the baby's father, Silas Heap, comes across an abandoned child in the snow-a newborn girl with violet eyes. The Heaps take her into their home, name her Jenna, and raise her as their own. But who is this mysterious baby girl, and what really happened to their beloved son Septimus?"

-Back Cover

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